Ewa & Costas - a big Greek wedding!

I've known Ewa and Costas for quite some time now. I remember when Ewa asked me if I'd want to shoot their wedding in Greece: "IF I want to? What's wrong with you?! I would LOVE to do it!" Yup, that was pretty much my reaction :D This would be my first ever visit to the homeland of gods and heroes. I was amazed by the serene nature of the Greeks. So cheerful and easy going. It must be the weather and the food ;) The wedding itself was also a great fun and pleasure. One of the occassions when it didn't actually feel like working. I knew many of the guests so they didn't actually see me as a photographer. Rather a guest with a camera. This was an opportunity as the distance between us was shorter than usual. NOBODY was paying attention to my camera - a dream come true situation for every wedding photographer :D

Alright, enough with the words, time for the pictures. Have a look! if you like it - show me by liking, commenting or sharing. My gratitude will be eternal! :)

(Drone pictures taken by the fabulous JWedding Films )