K&D, "Stara Oranżeria"

Without further ado, this is the last story of 2017 which I should’ve posted a looong time ago!

I can’t wait to show you this season’s love stories, but they will have to wait a little bit longer. A new website is coming, so stay tuned! :)

Magda & Maciek, outdoor wedding at "Zacisze Anny Korcz"

Hello there, fans! Do you remember Magda & Maciek's engagement session I posted a while ago? Well, here is the story of their wedding day :)

I love outdoor ceremonies! I love my couples getting ready at the venue - time seems to run much slower and I have all the time in the world for wandering around and photographing :) I love Magda and Maciek for who they are and for all the trust they put in me! I love being a wedding photographer :)


Venue - Zacisze Anny Korcz

Videographers (watch the movie!) - Wedding By Ragus

DJ / MC - Tomek Patelski

MUA - Dorota Chomińska make-up artist & hair stylist

Flowers and decorations - Na Kokardę

Magda's dress and jewelry - Viola Piekut

Magda's shoes - Kenneth Cole NY

Maciek's suit - Ermenegildo Zegna

Maciek's shoes - Prima Moda

Ewa & Przemek, Pałac Zdunowo

Well hello again! It's been a couple of months since I posted but finally I have the time to show you some new stories. The 2017 wedding season was a crazy one! I met lots of great people and made friends with many of them! I took hundreds of thousands of romantic/funny/crazy/moody/awesome pictures that share with you before the Spring comes! I've also learned new stuff ;)

Without further ado - here's the short story of Ewa and Przemek's big day!

Venue -  Pałac Zdunowo

MUA - Alicja Nowak

DJ/MC - DJ Jegomość

Videographers - Wedding by Ragus

Wedding dress - Justin Alexander at Salon "White"

Flowers and decorations - Dekoracje "Alex"

Joanna & Damian - downtown engagement shoot

A geommetry and minimalism junkie - that's me. I love lines, geometric rhythms, empty spaces, colours, the big city noise. Every time I see a cool spot I could use for a session I take notes, iPhone pictures of the place. You would be amazed how many cool locations there are around you! Ever thought of turning left instead of right while coming home? Think outside your box! There may be some symmetry behind the corner ;)


Tiffany & Chris, New York/Catskill

"New York state of mind" by Billy Joel comes through speakers as I write these couple of lines. I wish I was him because I don't really know what to say. So many wonderful memories! I can hardly find words to tell you how melancholic I'm feeling every time I see these happy faces! :) It all began with a bit of coincidence and "a little help from my friends", as Joe Cocker sang (yeah, I'm a music freak!). The minute I met Tiffany and Chris on Skype I knew that we were destined for each other. I felt that their wedding at the Turquoise Barn was going to be epic! Reality turned out to be beyond my wildest dreams!!! A bunch of crazy people at the coolest venue ever celebrating love - what more can a photographer ask for? :) I can't remember taking more pictures than I did that amazing day! Imagine how hard it was for me to select these few to share to my blog - mission impossible :D

Anyway, Thank you once again Tiff & Chris! I am so blessed to have met you and eternally grateful for all the kind words! Seriously, no one has ever thanked me so nicely and so many times! You guys are out-of-this-world-super-cool!!! Love you! :-* And, of course, a big shout-out to Nyna who organized this hell of a party! You rock, Nyna! :)

Anna & Marcel, Polish-Swiss wedding

"Some days are better than others", U2.

Some days I struggle and others are a piece of cake. Shooting Anna and Marcel was the latter! I found myself surrounded by everything I love my job for. People loving, kissing. dancing, laughing, driven by the energy between two people, having the time of their lives. This was my piece of cake! One of the days I didn't want to leave the party, even after 13 hours of hard work. 

p.s. I thought I knew some German language but Swiss German is black magic to me :D

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Ewa & Costas - a big Greek wedding!

I've known Ewa and Costas for quite some time now. I remember when Ewa asked me if I'd want to shoot their wedding in Greece: "IF I want to? What's wrong with you?! I would LOVE to do it!" Yup, that was pretty much my reaction :D This would be my first ever visit to the homeland of gods and heroes. I was amazed by the serene nature of the Greeks. So cheerful and easy going. It must be the weather and the food ;) The wedding itself was also a great fun and pleasure. One of the occassions when it didn't actually feel like working. I knew many of the guests so they didn't actually see me as a photographer. Rather a guest with a camera. This was an opportunity as the distance between us was shorter than usual. NOBODY was paying attention to my camera - a dream come true situation for every wedding photographer :D

Alright, enough with the words, time for the pictures. Have a look! if you like it - show me by liking, commenting or sharing. My gratitude will be eternal! :)

(Drone pictures taken by the fabulous JWedding Films )